Friday, August 22, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

73 Days B.C

a long long time ago in a kampung dusun far far away
there was a happily nordin's family ...

one of his(nordin's) heir was born into art of music, he believes in 'peace'.
the only thing that kept them from evil is singing, with such a beautiful harmony
of his instrumental playing,too..

the human race have lived their lives happily,until....

here comes, a darkess. born a human-alike creature to destroy the humanity
that remains. to him, humans are just ugly, "like the ugliest creatures in the world,
let's say maggots for example, ha ha ha ha ha" , he laughed.

as there goes, fighting between humans and this creature, filled with hatred, vengeance,
(i dont know where dat came from,lol)

... the fight continuoues, bloodshed, dead bodies all over the places,
still not having a chance to take advantages to defeat the slayer..

there comes the leader of mankind, just about the tym, the slayer gets to
stab ( i dont knoe how.haha) the artist.

when there is no chance of human remains alive in the world,
came one man, a hero to kill the slayer.

(dah tkde idea) as soon as the slayer saw the evil-looking
human, he then ran away and killed himself because of the looks
scared him alot.. lol..

p/s : sori muadz character ko mati cepat, haha. at least main character gk pe. :D

the land is now in peace

the end


The Artist - Hadi Nordin
The Slayer - Mu'adz Shahrom
The Savior(evil looks one) - Marlek Nordin

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sekat Belajar Agama!!

"Sejak dahulu lagi, pelajar Malaysia dibenarkan menyambung pengajian ke Universiti Al-Azhar tanpa sebarang biasiswa ataupun pinjaman dari pihak kerajaan. Mereka hanya mendapat zakat yang diberikan atas ihsan majlis agama negeri masing-masing ataupun daripada individu tertentu dan yang pastinya perbelanjaan dari ibu ayah sepenuhnya. Bace lagi.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I am a Muslim

It is pronounced "islam", not I{Z}LAM... but Islam...!!!

A Land Called Paradise

Friday, May 2, 2008

Chapter III

Yesterday, all my troubles
seemed so far away.... nyum² ^_^

ni sume kolednye idea nak tiru McD..
tp hasil jugak, memang rase pun
sebijik ngan burger McD
boikot McD, support homemade!!


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